Imagine being unable to

  • Read the simplest text
  • Read road signs
  • Read a book to your child
  • Read grocery labels
  • Help with homework
  • Read your mail


16% of adults in Torrance County are functionally illiterate.   In other words, one in every four adults is unable to read or create written material or to use the written word to function effectively in the community.   New Mexico’s illiteracy rate is part of the greater national problem: 93 million Americans read at a sub-standard level, and 30 million of these are functionally illiterate.

In today’s world, reading and writing are necessary for the most basic tasks.   People with low literacy skills find themselves locked into a cycle of menial jobs, poverty and low self-esteem.   When parents struggle with literacy their children have fewer opportunities for success.

The Read “Write” Adult Literacy Program addresses these problems providing instruction geared to improve literacy skills such as reading, writing, and comprehension.  We also offer instruction in English as a second language for non-English speakers.


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We are a ProLiteracy member organization.