Imagine living in a foreign country and not being able to read or speak the language.  Think about how difficult it would be to perform the everyday tasks most take for granted: shopping for groceries; renting an apartment; getting directions; reading a bus or metro schedule; or communicating with doctors, merchants or teachers.  Without good English skills, most immigrants cannot reach their full potential or become active contributors to the community.

Since 2000, RWALP has trained volunteers who have taught non-English speaking adults from all over the world to read and communicate in English.  Students come from all walks of life: professionals with advanced degrees; unskilled workers; stay-at-home mothers; and university students.


After scheduling an initial assessment with the RWALP office, students are assigned to tutors who can best address the individual student’s needs and objectives.  Tutor and student then meet up to two hours per week for one-on-one instruction or in small group sessions.  All lessons take place in the Moriarty/Torrance County area.  All services and materials are free-of-charge.


RWALP serves Torrance County and adjacent community adults over the age of 16, and no longer in school, who need to improve their English communication skills.