In Torrance County more than 16% of adults are functionally illiterate.  Most do not have the reading skills to succeed in the workplace, address their health care needs, read to their children, or read schedules, labels and billboards.

The Program is designed for people 16 years or older who are no longer in school and read below a sixth grade level.  Many of these adults have coped for years with the enormous handicap of being unable to read and write well enough to function effectively in the community.  They have realized that in order to improve their lives, they must improve their literacy skills. For some, making the first contact with RWALP meant overcoming the embarrassment of admitting that they could not read.

Adult Learner Profile

  • Self-identified non-readers who are highly motivated to learn.
  • Have specific, practical goals such as getting a better job; helping their children with their homework; reading mail and paying bills; and functioning more fully in society.
  • Have made a commitment to meet and work with a tutor for up to two hours per week.

How the Literacy Program Works

New students take an initial assessment to determine their current skill level.  In addition they are interviewed to determine what their personal goals are.  Learning to read is a huge commitment and students need to understand exactly what the process entails.  As soon as possible, the student is then paired with a tutor with whom he will meet in the Torrance County area.  Data on each student is collected monthly.  The tutor indicates the level of improvement and/or achievement of both the student’s personal goals and other achievement indicators as noted by ProLiteracy America.  Formal assessments are done semi-annually or upon exit notice from the student.

In addition, interviews are conducted with the student to determine if they are satisfied with their tutor and/or their progress, if there is a need to change teaching techniques, and if they have achieved their personal goals.  Adjustments are made as needed in order to meet student challenges.  The data from evaluations and assessments provides the information needed for quantitative measurements in comprehension, reading, writing skills, and achievement of personal goals.  Data is also collected on the length of time the student is enrolled in the program.  The individualized tutoring is the strongest component of any community literacy program because it gives full attention to each student.

Tutors strive to teach the specific literacy skills that the students want to learn.  Tutors use a wide range of nationally-recognized teaching materials, incorporating other sources geared to the student’s particular needs and interests.

Students are tested every six months to assess their progress.  At every lesson, the tutor reports monthly on the student’s small and large steps toward achieving their personal objectives.  Tutors are both instructor and cheerleader, making sure students stay engaged and see the results of their efforts.

All services and materials are provided to student and teacher free-of-charge.

Who is eligible?

The Read “Write” Program serves all Torrance County residents 16 years of age or older who desire to improve their reading, writing and speaking skills.  For more information, email or call the office at 505-886-3333.